Virtual Microscopy as an Effective Tool for Oral Pathology Teaching at Undergraduate Level

Muhammad Irshad                            BDS, Phd
Ismail Alam Khan                              BDS, MPH, MHPE
Aziza Alam                                         MBBS, DCH, MPhil, CHPE
Sahibzadi Fatima Tariq                     BDS, MPhil
Hina Shabir                                        BDS, MPhil
Sahd Rashid                                       BDS, MDS

OBJECTIVE: Is to report the usefulness of virtual microscopy in oral pathology teaching at undergraduate level.
METHODOLOGY: A cross sectional study was done at Rehman College of Dentistry, Peshawar. After a verbal informed
consent 40 students of third year Bachelor of Dentistry who were present on day of data collection were included. Universal
sampling technique, where all the students viewed conventional glass slides on first day followed by virtual slides of the same
pathological lesions on webscope software of University of Leeds on second day. A structured questionnaire using a Likert
scale was implemented. GraphPad Prism version 6.04 for Windows was used to analyse the data. Student’s t-test was used to
compare the differences in responses
RESULTS: : There was a significant difference (p value <.05) between the pre and post group. Clarity, navigation, scanning,
and magnification of slides, improved the overall learning of the students as compared to traditional method along with time
CONCLUSION: Virtual microscopy represents an effective tool for teaching histopathology of oral pathological lesions at
undergraduate level.
KEYWORDS: Digital microscopy, conventional microscopy, virtual microscopy, undergraduate students, oral pathology
HOW TO CITE: Irshad M, Khan IA, Alam A, Tariq SF, Shabir H, Rashid S. Virtual microscopy as an effective tool for oral
pathology teaching at undergraduate level. J Pak Dent Assoc 2024;33(1):7-9.
Received: 03 November 2021, Accepted: 04 April 2024

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