The Phenomenon of Postoperative Sensitivity and Composite Restorations – A Review

Usama Anwar Bhatti                                                      BDS, FCPS

The number of composite restorations delivered to patients is on the rise. Despite the improvement in mechanical properties of modern composites, the task of providing a functional restoration is at times compromised due to the problem of postoperative sensitivity associated with these restorations. An understanding of the potential causes of postoperative sensitivity will enable clinicians to adopt a technique which minimizes the risk of development of postoperative sensitivity and subsequently ensure restoration longevity. This article reviews the literature to explain the common reasons for development of this phenomenon. The continuous development and introduction of newer materials in the market creates a lack of long term clinical data pertaining to a particular type of composite and adhesive system. Although the newly developed materials have shown promising results in terms of reduced postoperative sensitivity, a systematic review and meta-analysis is required for evaluating the findings from the recently conducted clinical studies on the subject of postoperative sensitivity.

KEY WORDS: Adhesives; Composite resin; Dentin permeability; Polymerization; Pain; Smear layer

HOW TO CITE: Bhatti UA. The phenomenon of postoperative sensitivity and composite restorations – a review. J Pak Dent Assoc 2019;28(1):33-40.


Received: 27 June 2018, Accepted: 14 December 2018