The Effect of Resin Cement Systems on the Push-Out Bond Strength of Fibre Posts. An in-vitro Study


Faisal Al-Sahaly1                               BDS
Mohammed Al-Khathami2           BDS
Saud Al-Harbi3                                 BDS
Muath Al-Qunayan4                       BDS



OBJECTIVE: This study investigated the effect of resin cement systems on root canal push-out bond strength of cemented fiber posts.

METHODOLOGY: Sixty maxillary anterior teeth were sectioned horizontally 2 mm incisal to the cemento-enamel junction, and root canal were prepared for post space. Tapered fiber posts were placed using three different adhesive systems, LuxaCore Dual, RelyX-Unicem (self-adhesive) and MultiCore Flow Core Build Up. This resulted in three experimental groups (Group A: LC, Group B: RX & Group C: MC) with 20 specimens in each group. The specimens were mounted in acrylic and sectioned in cervical and apical sections. Push out test was performed using a universal testing machine and push out bond strength was formulated using σ=C/A which was expressed in mega-pascals. Data obtained was analyzed using analysis of variance and t test.

RESULTS: The highest mean push out bond strength was achieved by group B (19.07 ±3.16 Mpa) and the lowest was shown by specimens in group A (15.40±3.02 Mpa). No statistical difference was found among the experimental groups (Groups A, B & C) (p=0.328). The mean push-out bond strength in the cervical segments was found to be significantly higher for all three luting agents used (represented by groups A, B & C) (p<0.001) compared to apical segments.

CONCLUSION: Different types of resin luting agents (self adhesive and dual cure bulk fill core build up composites) showed comparable push out bond strength for cementation of fiber posts to root dentin. Cervical root segments show a reliable bond with higher bond strengths for fiber posts than apical root segments.

KEYWORDS: Push out bond strength; Fiber post; self adhesives; core build up materials.

HOW TO CITE: Al-Sahaly F, Al-Khathami M, Al-Harbi S, Al-Qunayan M. The Effect of Resin Cement Systems on the Push-Out Bond Strength of Fibre Posts. An in-vitro Study. J Pak Dent Assoc 2016; 25(4): 125-30

Received: 5 June 2016, Accepted: 28 November 2016