The Effect of Fear of COVID-19 on Dental Anxiety Levels

Amber Kiyani1          MS
Syed Hamza Zia3      BDS
Kanwal Sohail2         MSc
Zarnab Rizwan4        BDS
Ghina Rizwan5          BDS



OBJECTIVE: Dental anxiety can be adversely affected by pandemics like corona virus. Most patients have preferred to defer
their dental appointments and that patients generally neglect their health in epidemics. The investigation was carried out to
determine the effect of the current coronavirus pandemic on dental anxiety by comparing through and post 1st wave of pandemic
dental anxiety scores.
METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional study was conducted on the Pakistani population using online surveys from June to
August 2020. A total of 681 participants were recruited. Standardized and validated questionnaires were used to measure dental
anxiety scores during and after the 2nd wave of pandemic. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS version 22. Independent
t-test was used to compare dental anxiety scores through and after the 2nd wave of COVID-19. Fear of COVID-19 among the
participants was also evaluated.
RESULTS: From a total of 681 participants, 668 responses were retained in accordance to the inclusion criteria. A statistically
significant difference was obtained regarding the dental anxiety levels during and after the 2nd wave of COVID-19
(p value =0.001). However, there was no significant difference between fear of COVID-19 scale and dental anxiety scores
during COVID-19 (p value = 0.284).
CONCLUSION: The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated an adverse effect on patient dental anxiety scores. We also noted
that the majority of the people were not willing to attend their dental appointment during this pandemic.
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, coronavirus infection, dental anxiety, fear.
HOW TO CITE: Kiyani A, Sohail K, Zia SH, Rizwan Z, Rizwan G. The Effect of fear of COVID-19 on dental anxiety levels.
J Pak Dent Assoc 2022;31(2):95-99.
Received: 18 May 2021, Accepted: 17 January 2022

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