Surgical and Prosthodontic Management of Denture Induced Hyperplastic Lesion in Maxillary Arch – A Case Series

Uzma Anam Iqbal1                   BDS
Ahsan Inayat2                          BDS
Afsa Mujahid3                          BDS
Muneeb Ahmed Lone4            BDS, FCPS
Bilal Hussain5                         BDS


Denture irritation hyperplasia is a hyper plastic lesion of the oral mucosa which results from chronic irritation as a result of
wearing poorly adapted dentures. It is most commonly seen in maxillary arch with female patients being mostly effected. The
lesion varies in size from only a few millimeters to extending to involve the entire quadrant. The clinical management of denture
induced hyperplasia depends upon the size of lesion and involves the elimination of causative factors, excision of excess fibrous
tissue accompanied by an appropriate prosthetic rehabilitation. This case series presents the management of denture induced
hyperplastic lesion of varying sizes present in maxillary arch by providing appropriate tissue rest and tissue conditioning as
well as by surgical excision followed by new denture fabrication to achieve acceptable function for patients.
KEYWORDS: Denture hyperplasia, Epulis fissuratum, Tissue conditioning, Prosthesis
HOW TO CITE: Iqbal UA, Inayat A, Mujahid A, Lone MA, Hussain B, Kumar B. Surgical and prosthodontic management
of denture induced hyperplastic lesion in maxillary arch - A case series. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(1):27-30.
Received: 11 April 2022, Accepted: 08 December 2022

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