Skeletal Maturity Assessment using Calcification Stages of Mandibular Canine; A Cross-Sectional Study

Erum Behroz Khan                              BDS, FCPS, CHPE, MTFPDP
Imran Ullah Khan                                 BDS
Asad Ullah Mohmand                          BDS
Muhammad Zaheen Khan                   BDS
Pari Gul                                                 BDS
Neelam Shah Jehan                             BDS

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to establish a relationship between skeletal maturity, as evaluated through
cervical vertebral maturation, and the calcification stages of mandibular canines.
METHODOLOGY: Carried out at the Orthodontics, Department of Saidu College of sDentistry in Swat, this correlational
study employed a non-probability consecutive sampling technique involving 130 participants. Inclusion criteria encompassed
high-quality pre-treatment panoramic and lateral cephalometric radiographs, of children age 8 to 16 displaying normal growth
and development. Exclusion criteria considered conditions such as congenital anomalies, severe dental issues, and systemic
medical conditions impacting maturation. Panoramic radiographs and the Gleiser and Hunt method were used to score mandibular
canine calcification stages, while skeletal maturation was evaluated using lateral cephalograms and the CVM method proposed
by Baccetti et al. Associations were explored using the Chi-square test and Spearman’s rank correlation, with a significance
threshold of P < 0.01.
RESULTS: The study comprised 130 participants (mean age 11.86 ± 1.76 years, 63 females and 67 males) with assessed canine
calcification stages: MCC 1 (1.54%), MCC 2 (30.00%), MCC 3 (24.62%), MCC 4 (13.85%), MCC 5 (29.23%), and MCC 4
(0.77%). A significant correlation existed between canine calcification stages and CVM stages (p < 0.001). Notably, a perfect
correlation was found between cervical maturation stage and calcification stage (r = 0.96).
CONCLUSION: The calcification stages of mandibular canines offer a clinically valuable indicator for assessing skeletal
KEYWORDS: Skeletal maturity assessment, Calcification stages, Mandibular canine, Cervical vertebral maturation (CVM),
Cross-sectional study, Lateral cephalometric radiograph
HOW TO CITE: Khan EB, Khan IU, Mohmaud AU, Khan MZ, Gul P, Jehan NS . Skeletal maturity assessment using calcification
stages of mandibular canine; a cross-sectional study. J Pak Dent Assoc 2024;33(1):17-22
Received: 22 November 2023, Accepted: 19 May 2024

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