Significance of Expression of Cyclin D as an Early Indicator in Dysplastic Transformation of Oral Mucosa in Tobacco Users

Sarwat Batool                  BDS, M.Phil

Amin Fahim                     MBBS, M.Phil, PhD

Aneela Qureshi               MBBS, M.Phil, PhD

Sumayya Anas                MSc, M.Phil

Nazia Qamar                    MBBS, M.Phil

Shahid Kamran               MBBS, DMJ

OBJECTIVES: To observe the expression of Cyclin D in transition of normal oral mucosa to dysplastic lesions and to find out the possible association of immunostaining in normal oral mucosa and different grades of oral dysplasia
METHODOLOGY: In this cross sectional analytical study, total of 120 diagnosed paraffin embedded blocks were included comprising of 60 samples of normal oral mucosa (Group 1) and 60 cases of various grades of oral epithelial dysplastic lesions (Group 2). Patient’s record files were reviewed for age, gender and tobacco habits. Immunohistochemistry was performed by using Cyclin D monoclonal antibodies on all the tissue samples. Staining with Cyclin D was observed in each of the cases to find out their possible association as early indicator of transition from normal mucosa to oral dysplasia.
RESULTS: In Group 1, 45/60 (75%) patients were negative for Cyclin D. In Group 2, 40/60 (66%) were negative for
Cyclin D. We found non significant association for Cyclin D staining in transition of normal oral mucosa to low grade lesions. But significant association was found in Cyclin D positivity in transition from normal mucosa to high grade dysplastic lesions.
CONCLUSION: We found no association of Cyclin D as diagnostic marker between normal and early dysplastic lesions, but the expression for Cyclin D was shown to be increased with increasing irreversible grades of dysplasia ie: from normal oral mucosa to severe dysplasia.
KEY WORDS: Cyclin D, Normal oral mucosa, Oral lesions, High grade lesions, Low grade lesions.
HOW TO CITE: Batool S, Fahim A, Qureshi A, Anas S, Qamar N, Kamran S. Significance of expression of Cyclin D as an early indicator in dysplastic transformation of oral mucosa in tobacco users. J Pak Dent Assoc 2019;28(4):171-175.
Received: 24 May 2019, Accepted: 05 August 2019

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