Revisiting the Role of Periodontal Plastic Surgery in Regenerative Therapies Clinical Criteria and Biological Principles

Muhammad Haris Zia             BDS, (Pak) MClindent (UK)


One of the manifestations of periodontitis is bone loss and tooth mobility. Thus, periodontal regeneration plays a vital in
reinstating the lost alveolar bone and periodontal tissue. This study aims at the different literary resource that highlight the role
of periodontal plastic surgery; clinical criteria and biological principles that facilitates the process of regeneration. Several
corrective steps are implemented for the management of chronic periodontal disease, such as the first line of intervention which
is the non-surgical treatment that consists of Oral hygiene instructions and removal of biofilms. After non-surgical phase of
treatment once the tissue is healed, surgical techniques are to be considered for the management of the remaining pockets also
known as residual pockets or to formulate a gingival apparatus that promotes plaque control. However, if there is a loss of tissue
it is quintessential to take into consideration regenerative procedures.
KEYWORDS: Periodontal plastic surgery, biological principals, regeneration
HOW TO CITE: Zia MH. Revisiting the role of periodontal plastic surgery in regenerative therapies clinical criteria and
biological principles. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(1):22-26.
Received: 02 August 2022, Accepted: 01 April 2023

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