Restoration of Anterior Teeth Using Minimal Invasive Esthetic Techniques with Opalusture and Composite Restoration: A Clinical Technique

Farah Mushtaq                       BDS, FCPS, CHPE

Discoloration is one of the important reasons for restoration of anterior teeth in esthetic zone. Dental fluorosis is among common
discoloration. Main reason for fluorosis is that concerned person residing in area with high fluoride content in community
drinking water supply. In this case report, a 45year old male patient reported with esthetic concern due to discoloration in
anterior teeth which was in turn diagnosed to be fluorosis and eventually treated with minimal invasive techniques including
combination of microabrasion ,macroabrasion and direct composite veneers.
KEYWORDS: Fluorosis,Tooth discoloration,Enamel microabrasion,Dental veneers
HOW TO CITE: Mushtaq F. Restoration of anterior teeth using minimal invasive esthetic techniques with opalusture and
composite restoration: a clinical technique. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(4):138-140.
Received: 08 June 2023, Accepted: 21 February 2024

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