Relation of Vibrating Line to Location of Fovea Palatinae in Local Population

Hamna Khawaja1                  BDS, MCPS
Uzma Shahid2                       BDS, MCPS
M Waseem Ullah Khan3       BDS, FCPS
Hira Asghar4                         BDS, M.Phil
HM Owais Nasim5                BDS, M.Phil
Ali Farooq6                           BDS, FCPS



OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to assess the location of foveae palatinae in relation to vibrating line for
developing posterior palatal seal to enhance retention of maxillary complete dentures. Retention of a complete denture is the
major factor to resist the forces of dislodgement along the path of insertion. In complete denture fabrication, fovea palatinae
is the guideline for the posterior extension in the maxilla. Fovea palatinae mucous gland secretion helps in the retention by
forming a thin layer within the maxillary complete denture.
METHODOLOGY: The study was conducted in Sharif College of Dentistry in Lahore, Pakistan on a sample size of two
hundred and fifty dentate, partially dentate and edentate patients with different age groups. Clinical examination of the maxilla
was conducted for assessment of the vibrating line, whether it was at, anterior to or posterior to the fovea palatinae. The
researcher used an indelible pencil to mark the ah line i.e vibrating line and its distance with fovea palatinae was measured.
RESULTS: Results were concluded using SPSS Version 23. The fovea palatinae were mostly found to be located at 1.68
mm±1.11 anterior to the vibrating line. Thus, the dentists should assess this distance for the posterior extension of the maxillary
CONCLUSION: Fovea palatinae location in relation to vibrating line is an important landmark for posterior palatal seal in a
complete denture. In the majority of cases, fovea palatinae were located 1.68 mm±1.11 anterior to the vibrating line.
KEYWORDS: Foveae Palatinae, Vibrating line, Retention, Posterior palatal seal.
HOW TO CITE: Khawaja H, Shahid U, Khan MWU, Asghar H, Nasim HMO, Farooq Ali. Relation of vibrating line to location
of fovea palatinae in local population. J Pak Dent Assoc 2022;31(2):81-85.
Received: 16 July 2021, Accepted: 07 January 2022

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