Reclassifying The Faculty Status of Demonstrators in Pakistani Dental Colleges and some Suggestions on Building The Future Faculty

Farhan Raza Khan                                       BDS, MS, MCPS, FCPS 


The planning to build the faculty of any future dental institution should ideally be dictated by certain factors. These include presence of potential learners(students), prevalence of dental diseases in the catchment area of the institution and the need of manpower to address the anticipated oral health care problems in a professional manner.1 All of this should be governed by and done under the umbrella of regulatory and statutory bodies of the country. All over the world, dentistry is primarily a profession that is run in the offices (clinic setups) as solo, group or associated practices. However, scenario is different in the academic practice i.e. in dental colleges, hospitals and university dental centers. Unlike western world, where a dentist in a full time academic career is not indulged in practice and primarily focuses on teaching, research and scholarly activities; the dental academia in Pakistan is quite different.2 Here, most of the dental faculty carry out private practice in the evening and thus should better be considered as morning-time teachers and evening-time practitioners. Although, the benefits of private practice are undeniable; monetary gains, prosperity, fame and professional satisfaction to name a few but as dentistry is a physically demanding profession, a busy teacher-practitioner can seldom do justice with the academic workload.