Radiographic Location of Mental Foramen in Dentate Adults Visiting Dental Hospitals of Peshawar

Shamayem Safdar1             BDS, M.Phil
Momena Rashid2                 BDS, M.Phil
Sadia Hassan Khan3           BDS, M.Phil
Faiza Ijaz4                             BDS, M.Phil
Syed Amjad Shah5               BDS, FCPS, FDSRCPS
Zudia Riaz6                           BDS, M.Phil



OBJECTIVES: To determine the location of mental foramen in panoramic radiographs of dentate adults in local population
of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa visiting the Peshawar dental hospital, Khyber college of dentistry and Sardar begum dental hospital,
METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional study was conducted in outpatient department of three dental hospitals of Peshawar
from November 2018 to April 2019. A total of 280 subjects (140 males, 140 females) were included that fulfilled the inclusion
criteria. Subjects underwent the standard OPG procedure. JPEG file format of OPG images were analyzed by Adobe Photoshop
software 2008 version to analyze the location of mental foramen.
RESULTS: The mental foramen was located in class I, 0 cases (0%), class II, 11 cases (2%), class III, 295 cases (53%), class
IV, 245 cases (44%) and class V, 9 cases (1%).
CONCLUSION: The most common location of mental foramen in local population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was between
mandibular 1st and 2nd premolar (Class III).
KEYWORDS: Mental foramen, Panoramic radiograph, Adobe Photoshop software
HOW TO CITE: Safdar S, Rashid M, Khan SH, Ijaz F, Shah SA, Riaz Z. Radiographic location of mental foramen in dentate
adults visiting dental hospitals of Peshawar. J Pak Dent Assoc 2022;31(1):5-10.
Received: 24 February 2021, Accepted: 08 September 2021

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