Prevalence of Gum Bleeding in Patient’s Taking Antiplatelet Therapy Reporting in Private Dental College, Lahore

Mariyah Javed                                 M.Phil
Zartashia Arooj                               M.Phil
Sadia Manzoor
Kashif Haroon                                 FCPS
Saima Rubab Khan                         PhD
Muhammad Anwaar Alam              Msc

OBJECTIVE: The primary goal of this research was to evaluate the frequency of Gum bleeding in antiplatelet therapy patients
visiting the Private Dental Hospital in Lahore.
METHODOLOGY: This Descriptive study was held in Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Dental Hospital in the period of May
2020 – November 2020. Total 120 study participants were selected after getting ethical approval. This selection was totally
based on inclusion and exclusion criteria of the study from Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Dental Hospital. Complete history
of the patients that fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the study was taken and their intraoral examination done.
Informed consent was taken from every enrolled participantIvy’s method was used to take bleeding time.
RESULTS: 120 selected patients data was organized properly. The mean age of patient was 20-60 years. The mean bleeding
time was 19.5 ± 5.2 min, Which was variable from 5 to 20 mins. Prevalence of gum bleeding was 32%. Out of 20 patients, 17
patients showed bleeding time > 20.5, 5 patients showed slight bleeding that stop on its own or with a few minutes of direct
pressure). and 1 patient showed bleeding in urine that stopped after removal of anti-platelet therapy
CONCLUSION: It was concluded that without holding the anti-platelet drugs, many dental surgical procedures can be done
KEYWORDS:  Periodontology, Evidence Based Practice, Diagnosis, Treatment planning, Periodontal classification 2017
HOW TO CITE: Javed M, Arooj Z, Manzoor S, Haroon K, Khan SR, Alam MA. Prevalence of gum bleeding in patient’s taking
antiplatelet therapy reporting in private dental college, Lahore. J Pak Dent Assoc 2024;33(1):23-26.
Received:: 08 December 2023, Accepted: 26 April 2024

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