Practical Skills of Dentists Regarding Medical Conditions Assessment in Dental Offices of A Tertiary Care Dental Hospital, Karachi

Marium Zaheer 1                                                                       BDS, MDs

Arsala Urooj2                                                           BDS, MDs

Salik Rasool3                                                                               BDS, MDSc, M.Phil, Cert. OPOM

Waqas Ahmed Farooqi4                                                  MSc

Umer Irfan4                                                                                  BDS,MSc



The objective of this study was to identify the practical skills of dentist in terms of history taking, examination and advising laboratory investigations for systemic diseases in dental OPDs of Dow University of Health Sciences.

METHODOLOGY: The study was conducted at all three dental colleges of Dow University of Health Sciences; from May 2016 to June 2016 to a sample of dental students and dental faculty members by convenience sampling. This was a cross sectional study. Total 450 surveys forms were distributed among faculty members, post graduates and undergraduates dental students. The data was analyzed on IBM SPSS version 24.0 Statistical association were performed using Chi-square test.

RESULT: Most of the participants of the study (n=246, 78.1%) reported taking complete medical history at first visit. The medical examination skills of participants were satisfactory. The practice of lab investigation for systemic diseases was also satisfactory.

CONCLUSIONS: It was concluded that practice of medical history taking, medical examination and lab investigations by dental professionals of DUHS was found to be adequate. Dentist skills were not dependent on gender, designation and basic or clinical sciences.

Key Words: medical assessment, investigatory skills, medical screening

HOW TO CITE: Zaheer M, Urooj A, Rasool S, Farooqi WA, Irfan U. Practical skills of dentists regarding medical conditions assessment in dental offices of a tertiary care dental hospital, karachi. J Pak Dent Assoc 2018;27(2):71-75.


Received: 09 November, 2017, Accepted: 09 March, 2018