Perspectives and Practices of Gynecologist’s about Prenatal Oral Health and Association Between Periodontal Disease and Adverse Birth Outcomes

Masood Hasan1                                   BDS, MDS
Saba Tabassum2                                 BDS, MDS
Khansa Rafi3                                       BDS                                                                                                                      Syeda Farhat Bukhari4                       BDS,MSC

OBJECTIVE: Prenatal oral health has garnered growing attention due to its potential impact on maternal and fetal well-being.
Thus, this study seeks to investigate gynecologists' perspectives and practices related to prenatal oral health care while concurrently
examining the association between periodontal disease and adverse birth outcomes, shedding light on the comprehensive
significance of oral health during pregnancy and its potential implications for maternal-fetal health.
METHODOLOGY:A quantitative cross-sectional study based on questionnaire was performed targeting consultant gynecologists
in all district hospitals of city Karachi. The responses were computed by SPSS. Descriptive statistics with frequencies were
computed and Chi-square was used to find out the associations between different variables
RESULTS:Half of the gynecologists (55%) reported that they never asked nor documented their patient's last dental visit
before commencing prenatal care. About 38% stated that they sometimes referred their patients to dental practitioners.
Approximately 27% of the gynecologists admitted to not knowing the association between periodontal diseases and adverse
birth outcomes. Statistically significant associations were observed between work experience and knowledge about gingivitis
in pregnancy (p-value 0.012) as well as periodontitis with adverse birth outcomes (p-value 0.019).
CONCLUSIONS: Health professionals appeared to lack caution when it came to the oral health of their patients, despite
possessing a good understanding of the oral-systemic connection during pregnancy. Prenatal care providers should consider
developing inter professional relationships and promptly referring their patients for dental assessments
KEYWORDS: Prenatal care, Oral Health in Pregnancy, Periodontal diseases, Adverse outcomes of pregnancy, Awareness
about oral health
HOW TO CITE: Hasan M, Tabassum S, Rafi K, Bukhari SF. Perspectives and practices of gynecologist’s about prenatal oral
health and association between periodontal disease and adverse birth outcomes. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(3):79-84
Received: 04 September 2023, Accepted: 20 December 2023

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