Perception towards Materials and Methods Available for Maintenance of Denture


Aisha Kiran1                   BDS, MSc
Faiza Amin2                    BDS, MDS


To evaluate perceptions about materials and methods available for post insertion denture care amongst removable denture wearers and to find out effect of education in adapting to correct methodology of cleaning the prosthesis.


Ignorance about maintenance of oral prosthesis leads to many oral health related problems. Adequate understanding of post insertion care is significant for the longevity and comfort of the prosthesis.


An aggregate of hundred patients were chosen using convenience sampling from the department of prosthodontics (OPD) of Dow Dental College and Dow international Dental College. Questionnaire was designed to evaluate objectives. Subjects were interviewed about age, gender, educational status, frequency, method of cleaning, soaking material and awareness about removal habits of denture before sleeping. The information acquired by this study was analyzed by utilizing SPSS programming version 16.0. Simple descriptive statistics was applied. Chi-Square test was applied to determine the association of education with cleaning methods test at p value<0.05.


Majority of participants cleaned their dentures with tooth paste and brush (44%) while 62% clean them daily. Majority of subjects were removing their dentures (80%) before sleeping. Water was the most frequent (62%) soaking medium when denture was not in use. Adequate maintenance of dentures was significantly associated with level of education.


The perceptions of study participants towards denture maintenance were adequate.


Maintenance of denture, perceptions, prosthesis, cleaning of denture.