Parental Influence on Early Childhood Caries


Sanam Faheem1                                            BDS

Shahida Maqsood2                                              BDS, M Phill

Faheem Shaikh3                                           BDS

OBJECTIVE: Parents have a significant role in educating their children about oral hygiene, therefore their knowledge and attitude influences their children oral health status.

METHODOLOGY: In this cross-sectional study questionnaires were distributed to 300 mothers from Dow Dental College OPD to assess their knowledge, attitude and practice towards their children oral health. Questionnaire assessed demographic data, literacy level, importance of primary dentition and aspects of early childhood decay. Data was analyzed by SPSS version 20. P Values was considered significant at p<0.05. Associations between multiple variables were assessed by using chi square and multinomial logistic regression analysis.

RESULTS: Majority (n=167, 55.7%) had fair knowledge, 23.3% (n=70) reported to exhibit fair attitude while 47% (n=141) reported acceptable oral hygiene practices. While majority mothers (96.7%, n=290) knew that sugar is the main cause of caries but in practice many of them were giving their children sweet upon demand (60.7%, n=182). Only 127 participants (42.3%) knew about the role of fluoride. Positive attitude towards primary dentition was shown by 169 participants (56.3%).

CONCLUSIONS:Overall very few mothers had good knowledge towards their children’s oral health which resulted in the poor practices of oral hygiene.

KEY WORDS: Caries, Oral Health Knowledge, Oral Hygiene Practice, Parental Awareness.

HOW TO CITE: Faheem S, Maqsood S, Shaikh F. Parental influence on early childhood caries. J Pak Dent Assoc 2018;27(4):195-01.


Received: 31 January 2018, Accepted: 19 June 2018