Association of Oral Health Literacy Level and Periodontal Health Status: A Contributory Step Towards Prevention of Periodontal Diseases

 Wardah Ahmed                               BDS, MSPH, PhD    

 Mehmil Aslam                                 BDS, MCPS

 Syed Imran Hassan                        BDS, MCPS

 Khalil Ahmed                                  BDS, MSc

 Syeda Farhat Bukhari                    BDS, MSc

 Permanand Mahi                            BDS, MSc

 Ayesha Kaleem                               BDS

Fatima Zafar                                     BDS

OBJECTIVE: To Evaluate the level of oral health literacy (OHL) among new patients seeking care at the private teaching dental hospital.
METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional study conducted at Department of Oral Diagnosis & Periodontology at Private Teaching Dental Hospital. Adults (>18years) was recruited in the study using non-probability convenient sampling technique. Participants verbally consented to participate, then interview based validated questionnaire was administered. Data collected from April 2019 to August 2019. The study was approved by Scientific Review Committee of Private Teaching Dental Hospital. OHL was measured by REALD-20. Clinical assessment was performed using periodontal index. Two investigators and 2 house surgeons were trained for increasing inter-examiner reliability. Demographic variables were examined as exploratory covariates. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS 21.Fisher’s exact test used to determine bivariate association and Multivariate regression analysis showed the relationship.
RESULTS: The total sample size was n=236 out of which 100 (42.6%) were male and 136 (57.6%) were female. Mean age of the sample was 36 years (±13.6) and majority 150(64%) had 12 years of education completed. Smokers were 50 (21%) were smokers. Respondents 173(73.3%) brush at least once in a day and 93% used toothpaste as dentifrice. Respondents belong to low-OHL had moderate 84 (36%) and severe periodontal 72 (31%) diseases. The mean Periodontal Index Score: 2± 0.54. OHL was significantly associated with periodontal disease (p 0.01). Smokers showing significant association (p 0.04) with periodontal disease. Multivariate regression analysis revealed that for one- point decrease in OHL score, the occurrence of periodontal disease reduced by 25% (Adjusted OR=0.75). CONCLUSION:This has been concluded that oral health literacy associated with periodontal health status. Understanding of periodontal health knowledge and its implication is vital for prevention of periodontal diseases. Future intervention researches are required to develop etiological relationship between oral health literacy and periodontal health status.
KEYWORDS: Periodontal disease, dental oral health, smokes adults
HOW TO CITE: Ahmed W, Aslam M, Hassan SI, Ahmed K, Bukhari SF, Mahi P, Kaleem A, Zafar F . association of oral health literacy level and periodontal health status: a contributory step towards prevention of periodontal diseases. J Pak Dent Assoc 2021;30(3):164-169.
Received: 07 September 2020, Accepted: 06 May 2021

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