Modifications in Orthodontic Practice Post COVID Lockdown in Pakistan

Erum Behroz Khan                      BDS, FCPS, C-Orth, MTFPDP, C-HPE

Mairah Shah                                  BDS

Samar Fatima                                BDS

Zuhair Ahmed                                BDS 

Sunia Therwani                              BDS

Sunia Therwani                             BDS

OBJECTIVE: To assess the frequency of positive changes in orthodontic practice in Pakistani governmental and private
workplaces after lifting of COVID-19 lockdown.
METHODOLOGY: This cross sectional questionnaire-based study was carried out on 143 Pakistani orthodontic practitioners
for the duration of 3 months. A well-constructed, computerized closed ended questionnaire was designed at an online website
i.e., google drive and the link was circulated through social media and e-mail. Change in dental practice was assessed by
comparing the results with CDC guidelines, keeping positive response cutoff 70%. Data was analyzed by using SPSS 22,
Confounders, like educational qualification, gender and workplace were controlled through stratification. Post stratification
Chi square Test was applied to assess the association of dentist's response with gender, educational level, age and workplace,
keeping P value < 0.05.
RESULTS: There were total 143 participants (80 female and 63 male) with age range from 23 to 56 years, with a mean age
of 31.24 ± 6.82 years. Majority of the participants (75.52%) belonged to the age range of 23-33 years. Most of the orthodontists
were post graduate trainees (66.4%). Out of all these participants, 67 were working at orthodontic OPD, 22 at private practice
and 51 worked at both. 68.5% Implementation of positive modifications in dental practice were recorded. The chi square test
results were significant (P <.05) for education and workplace of orthodontist.
CONCLUSION: Most orthodontists have positively modified their dental practice post COVID-19 lockdown in Pakistan,
by following WHO and CDC guidelines for Covid-19 to curtail spread of infection.
KEYWORDS: Changes, Orthodontics, COVID
HOW TO CITE: Khan EB, Shah M, Fatima S, Ahmed Z, Therwani S, Khan S. Modifications in orthodontic practice post
COVID lockdown in Pakistan. J Pak Dent Assoc 2021;30(3):199-203.
Received: 12 February 2021, Accepted: 19 May 2021

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