Massive Denture Induced Hyperplastic Lesion in Maxilla- A Case Report

Muhammad Waseem Ullah Khan1                           BDS, FCPS

Muhammad Asif Mushtaq2                                         BDS

Asif Ali Shah3                                                                   BDS, MDS


Denture Induced Hyperplasia or Epulis fissuratum is a tumor-like reactive lesion of oral mucosa because of chronic irritation caused by ill-fitting dentures. It is mostly presented in female denture wearers with a predilection to maxilla. These lesions can be of varying sizes ranging from few centimeters to extensive involving the whole arch. These can be managed conservatively or by complete surgical excision depending upon the size and complexity of the lesion. In this case report, an enormous denture induced hyper-plastic lesion in an old male denture wearer is presented. The lesion was located in the maxillary left labial vestibule. This lesion was excised surgically, followed up for change of tissue conditioner up to one month. After completion of healing of wound, new complete denture was fabricated.

KEY WORDS: Denture induced hyperplasia,Epulis fissuratum,Denture fibroma.

HOW TO CITE: Khan MWU, Mushtaq MA, Shah AA. A massive denture induced hyperplastic lesion in maxilla-a case report. J Pak Dent Assoc 2019;28(1):47-49.


Received: 15 September 2018, Accepted: 17 November 2018