Knowledge Regarding Prescription of Antibiotic for Endodontic Treatment among House Officers of Multan

Muhammad Ali1                                  BDS, MCPS
Dil Rasheed2                                       BDS, FCPS
Hafiza Hina Irshad3                            BDS
Muhammad Jamil4                             BDS, FDSRCS
Muhammad Mohsin Javaid5             BDS, MSPH
Mustafa Sajid6                                   BDS, FCPS


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the knowledge regarding the prescription of antibiotic for treatment of endodontic disease and errors
made by the house officers at Multan Dental College.
Since the discovery of antibiotics, they have been in use broadly for the treatment of odontogenic infections. Prescription is a
dynamic, customized clinical process, which is set owing to the necessities of patient & the acquaintance of the practitioner.
METHODOLOGY: This survey-based study was conducted among 40 house officers working at Multan Dental College. A
survey form was designed, about the pattern of antibiotics prescription and the situations for which they were recommended
by the House officers.
RESULTS: The medication of choice was mostly Amoxicillin + clavulanic acid (52.6%) and Amoxicillin alone (47.3%). The
most incidence of antibiotic prescription was reported for acute abscess of periapical area of the tooth (62.8%) and patient
having fever with malaise (62%). Chronic apical abscess with sinus tract (58%). Overall, 12% of part takers were used to suggest
p antibiotics for root canal treatment.
CONCLUSION: We conclude that here is deficiency of information & knowledge for the proper indication, kind, and antibiotics
dose. Different educational activity like symposium or lectures should be practiced to teach the practitioner to prescribe
antibiotics. Curriculum & syllabus should offer great emphasis on prescribing.
KEYWORDS: Antibiotics, Endodontics, Prescription, prophylaxis, Root canal treatment (RCT)
HOW TO CITE: Ali M, Rasheed D, Irshad HH, Jamil M, Javaid MM, Sajid M. Knowledge regarding prescription of antibiotic
for endodontic treatment among house officers of multan. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(2):54-59.
Received: 28 Novemebr 2022, Accepted: 07 July 2023

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