Knowledge, Attitude And Stigma of Dental Students Towards Hiv/Aids Patients

Faiza Amin1                                          BDS, MDS

Kashif Aslam2                                                 BDS, MSc

Sofia Ali Syed3                                    BDS, M.Phil

Rizwan Nadim4                                  BDS, MPH


BACKGROUND: In most areas of the world there is a decrease of the HIV/ AIDS epidemic that can be observed from international literature. Data from the Asian region recommends increasing incidences. Understanding knowledge levels and attitudes and relate them toward willingness to treat and stigma regarding HIV/AIDS is a significant constituent to project acceptable and culturally appropriate awareness and prevention programs.

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate level of knowledge, attitudes, willingness to treat and stigma associated with HIV/AIDS of dental students and house officers of Dow Dental College.

METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was conducted among a total of 196 dental students of 1, 2, 3, 4 professional years and house officers of 2015-2016 academic session. By using a self-administered, structured questionnaire to examine their knowledge, attitudes and behavior towards HIV/AIDS was the approach. The descriptive indices such as percentages were used to express the knowledge level among the students. Independent t test was used to evaluate the attitude and stigma of these students towards HIV/AIDS with SPSS 17.0.

RESULTS: A total of 196 questionnaires were completed and returned, with response rate of 96.5%. Overall, the knowledge of the students was adequate except first year and second year students. The attitude of the students toward people living with HIV/AIDS was positive. House officers discriminate and stigmatize most among all the students.

CONCLUSION: Despite their adequate level of knowledge majority of students have negative attitude and willingness towards treatment of patients with HIV/AIDS.

KEY WORDS: HIV/AIDS, Knowledge and attitude of dental students.

HOW TO CITE: Amin F, Aslam K, Syed SA, Nadim R. Knowledge, attitude and stigma of dental students towards hiv/aids patients. J Pak Dent Assoc 2018;27(3):140-46. DOI:

Received: 28 February 2018, Accepted: 29 March 2018