Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Dental Surgeons about Dental Waste Management in Dental Clinics of Karachi

Zahid Ali1                                                    BDS, FCPS
Nazish Ashfaq Khan2                                 BDS, MFDS RCS ENG, FFD RCSI
Saqib Zafar3                                                BDS, MPhil
Muhammad Saeed Mughal 4                     BDS
Syeda Hala Raza5                                       BDS, FCPS
Mehwash Kashif 6                                      BDS, FCPS


OBJECTIVE: This study aims to assess the contempory situation of dental waste management in private dental practices in
METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional study was done in 5 districts of Karachi (East, West, South, Centre, Malir) from 26th
January to 26th April 2021. Total 100 private dental practitioners were recruited using non-probability consecutive sampling.
A pretested, 20 items questionnaire was used for recording data of the research participants, and their knowledge, attitude and
practices (KAP) of managing dental waste. Inclusion criteria was both male and female dentists, above 25 years of age, who
run dental clinics in 5 districts of Karachi. Dental students were excluded. Data were analysed using SPSS version 17. 00
RESULTS: Total 79% of the participants were males and 21% were females. Approximately 68% belonged to the age group
of 25-35 years. Total 51% had an experience of 10-20 years and32% were using colour coded bins while 35% were following
segregation methods for waste disposal. Only 16% had attended professional training programs for waste management.
CONCLUSION: Waste management in dental clinics in Karachi is inadequate and improper. The government should enact
monitoring of all dental practices, enforcing the recommended regulations.
KEYWORDS: Dental waste management, Knowledge, attitude and practices (KAP), private dental practitioners
HOW TO CITE: Ali Z, Khan NA, Zafar S, Mughal MS, Raza SH, Kashif M. Knowledge, attitude and practices of dental
surgeons about dental waste management in dental clinics of Karachi. J Pak Dent Assoc 2022;31(3):153-156.
Received: 27 April 2022, Accepted: 28 June 2022

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