Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Designing Removable Partial Denture Among Interns and Dentist; Dental Schools in Pakistan

Muhammad Farhan Khan                BDS, FCPS

Fatima Naseem Ahmed Khan         BDS

Muneeb Ahmed Lone                         BDS, FCPS

Muhammad Waqar Hussain           BDS, FCPS

Muhammad Ali Shaikh                     BDS

Irfan Ahmed Shaikh                          BDS, FCPS

OBJECTIVE: To determine the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of interns, general dentists and specialist prosthodontists in providing Removable Partial denture (RPD) to Patients in dental schools of Karachi, Pakistan; to propose changes to be made in the undergraduate curriculum so that the newly graduating student and the practicing dentist can benefit.
METHODOLOGY: A total of 573 subjects participated in this questionnaire, which evaluated the participant’s attitude and knowledge of designing an RPD and communication with the dental laboratory. The questionnaire comprised of five questions about Practices, 2 about their attitude and 9 about the base-line knowledge of the RPD designing. . The survey was conducted through a questionnaire on Google form. Statistical analyses of data were computed using SPSS version 21. Mean and standard deviations were calculated for continuous variables while frequencies and percentages were calculated for the categorical variables.
RESULTS: From 573 participants, 306 (53.40%) were dental interns, 210 (36.6%) general dentist, 30 (5.23%) specialists having 55 five year experience. The mean age of participants was 25.45 years. There was a female predominance in the study subject, (73%). Some 42% of the participants provided RPD services to patients 1-2 times a month. 51.3% responded that dentist should be responsible for designing an RPD. Only 14% (n=81) of the study participants were fully aware of the importance of surveying jaw casts before mouth preparation.
CONCLUSION: Majority of the dentists had insufficient knowledge and inadequate attitudes and practices regarding RPD.
KEYWORDS:removable partial dentures, prosthodontics, dental interns, denture designing, surveying
HOW TO CITE: Khan MF, Khan FNA, Lone MA, Hussain MW, Shaikh MA, Shaikh IA. Knowledge and attitude regarding designing removable partial denture among interns and dentist; dental schools in Pakistan. J Pak Dent Assoc 2020;29(2):66-70.
Received: 06 November 2019, Accepted: 23 March 2020

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