Knowledge and Attitude of Dental Professionals, Students and Dental Auxiliary Staff Towards Needle Stick Injury and Sharp Injuries

Fizza Jawaid Baig1                        BDS, RDS
Hiba Qazi2                                      BDS
Maham Nadeem3                           BDS
Shahid Islam4                                BDS,FCPS
Elham Habib5                                BDS
Azam Aliuddin6                             BDS, FCPS


OBJECTIVE: The present study aims to evaluate the knowledge and attitude of dental professionals, students and auxiliary
towards needle stick and sharp injury.
METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional questionnaire-based survey was carried out among 200 dental practitioners, students,
and auxiliary staff using OpenEpi calculator. Final data were analyzed using SPSS version 23.0.
RESULT: The result revealed that 97% of the participants had an understanding of NSI and the risks associated with it and
about 87.5% participants were found to be vaccinated against Hepatitis B.
In addition to that, 72% of dental healthcare workers especially the auxiliary staff (96.3%) had experienced needle stick injury
and 97% of the subjects were found to have a habit of recapping the needle after use.
CONCLUSION: The knowledge of dental practitioners especially the auxiliary staff concerning needle stick injury was found
to be inadequate. More awareness should be raised regarding NSIs for the dental healthcare workers and practicing of universal
guidelines must be emphasized greatly.
KEYWORDS: Needle stick injury and sharp injuries
HOW TO CITE: Baig FJ, Qazi H, Nadeem M, Islam S, Habib E, Aliuddin A. Knowledge and attitude of dental professionals,
students and dental auxiliary staff towards needle stick injury and sharp injuries. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(1):17-21.
Received: 03 February 2023, Accepted: 05 February 2023

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