Impact of Procedure Specific Videos in the Performance of Restorative Procedures by Pre-Clinical dentistry Students

Sara Ikram Khan                  BDS

Fasiha Moin Kazi                 BDS

Shama Asghar                     BDS, FCPS

OBJECTIVE: With the advances in technology the teaching process needs to be improved. Video assisted learning has become an integral part of effective teaching. Using procedural or instructional videos have shown to augment student’s preparedness for real life clinical practice and helps them to improve their skills at their own pace and learning ability. The aim if this study was to assess the impact of procedure-specific video demonstrations on the performance of pre-clinical dentistry students.
METHODOLOGY: It was a cross-sectional experimental study conducted at the Pre-Clinical Operative Dentistry Phantom Lab at Bahria University Medical and Dental College Karachi, Pakistan. 50 students were divided equally into group A and group B (25 students in each group) by convenience sampling. Both groups prepared class 1 cavity and restored with amalgam. Group A were taught by a hands-on demonstration whereas Group B were taught by live demonstration as well as a procedurespecific video. The students were analyzed for the quality of their practical work as well as their understanding of key concepts. IBM statistics version 20 was used to carry out the statistical analysis. Pearson Chi Square test and independent T test were used, a p-value less than 0.05 was considered significant.
RESULTS: Group A’s assessment regarding cavity preparation showed that majority students of the group (n=11) required crucial changes in cavity design. For group B most students (n=9) reproduced important factors of cavity design however improvement was required. For amalgam filling, Group A and B’s majority students had similar results. t-test was conducted and significant difference was found in the overall performance scores for group A (M=6.7, SD=1.7) and group B (M=8.0, SD=2.3); t-test p=0.04.
CONCLUSION: This study suggests that video assisted learning as an additional tool to traditional teaching, can augment understanding and learning process of students.
KEY WORDS: Video demonstration, Teaching methodology, Dental Education, Dental Undergraduates, Operative Dentistry.
HOW TO CITE: Khan SI, Kazi FM, Asghar S. Impact of procedure specific videos in the performance of restorative procedures by pre-clinical dentistry students. J Pak Dent Assoc 2019;28(4):176-180.
Received: 03 January 2019, Accepted: 22 July 2019

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