Human Saliva and Its Role in Oral & Systemic Health

Zohaib Khurshid1                         BDS, MRes
Jameela Abdul Haq2                   BDS
Rabia Sannam Khan3                 BDS, MSc
Muhammad Sohail Zafar4        BDS, MSc, PhD
Maria Altaf 5                                   BDS, MPhil
Shariq Najeeb6                              BDS, MSc



This review paper sums up various researches that have been conducted on human saliva and its composition with physiological aspects. It mainly highlights the composition, physiology, and how biomolecules came to saliva via a blood and role of saliva as a diagnostic fluid in oral and systemic health. Over 33,000 published papers were found electronically when search keywords – such as humans, diagnosis, salivary, etc. were used. We have been very specific in including recent research papers for the literature search and aim to provide a comprehensive overview ofthe current status of human saliva and its importance as a diagnostic fluid in disease detection such as cardiovascular diseases (CVD), endocrine and contiguous diseases. A number of psychological and pathological factors contribute towards variations in salivary flow. This paper further illustrates major factors, which cause alterations in salivary secretion and the importance of saliva along with its role as a diagnostic agent for certain pathologies.

HOW TO CITE: Khurshid Z, Haq JA, Khan RS, Zafar MS, Altaf M, Najeeb S. Human Saliva and Its Role in Oral & Systemic Health. J Pak Dent Assoc 2016; 25(4): 170-74

KEYWORDS:  saliva; diagnostic fluid; proteins; and oral health.

Received: 15 November 2016, Accepted: 29 December 2016