Frequency of Bonded Bracket Failure in Patients, Undergoing Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

Hasnain Sakrani                                BDS, FCPS

Sabeen Masood                                 BDS

Fiza Bibi Alavi                                    BDS

Mustafa Dahar                                    BDS  

Mahnoor Khawaja M. Saleem            BDS

Abhishek Lal                                       BDS

OBJECTIVE: The objective of our study is to determine frequency of bracket bond failure in relation to age, gender, most
commonly involved tooth and quadrant.
METHODOLOGY: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, a total of 100 patients with ages ranging from 10 to 30 years
needing corrective orthodontic treatment were selected for the study. This survey was conducted at Altamash Institute of Dental
Medicine, Karachi. The survey was initiated on 30th November 2019 and was concluded on 30th May 2020. A questionnaire
was used to evaluate the frequency of bonded bracket failure in patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. The bonded metallic
brackets were light cured for 40 seconds, and initial alignment arch wires were inserted. Bonded bracket failure was recorded
over a period of six months.
RESULTS: The initial debonding results of the present study demonstrated a high number of debonded brackets in mandibular
dentition as compared to the maxillary dentition. Whereas, when the teeth were debonded for the second time, a greater number
of maxillary teeth were found to be affected by the debonding of the brackets. Both genders demonstrated a greater rate of
bracket debonding in the second premolar area and lowest in the molar area. In our study, age and gender had no significant
relationship with bracket bond failure and teeth involved in debonding.
CONCLUSIONS: The frequency of bonded bracket detachment during orthodontic treatment is very common. Our study
concluded that females were more affected by the bracket bond failure as compared to the males along with the second premolar
being the most commonly associated tooth during an active orthodontic treatment.
KEYWORDS: Bonded brackets, Bracket failure, Frequency, Orthodontic treatment, Orthodontics
HOW TO CITE: Sakrani H, Masood S, Alavi FB, Dahar M, Saleem MKM, Lal A. Frequency of bonded bracket failure in
patients, undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment . J Pak Dent Assoc 2021;30(3):189-193.
Received: 24 October 2020, Accepted: 30 April 2021

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