Final Year BDS Student’s Perception and Feedback Regarding Prosthodontics and its Teaching Methodologies

Naveed Inayat1                                                      BDS, FCPS, FICD, CMT
Muhammad Aamir Rafique2                                 BDS, MDS
Nadia Munir3                                                          BDS, M.Phil, PhD
Mahvish Wahad Khan4                                         BDS, FCPS
Shoaib Alvi5                                                          BDS, FCPS
Aamir Rafiq6                                                         BDS, FCPS
Haroon Raza7                                                       BDS

OBJECTIVE: Teaching and learning methodologies have been a topic of concern for everyone for a decade. Dental education
involves both academic and clinical understanding of subjects included in the curriculum. The study aims to determine the
success of a system that could achieve the desired learning outcomes.
METHODOLOGY: In this cross-sectional study 229 BDS students at five different dental colleges affiliated with the University
of Health Sciences, Lahore responded to a predesigned structured questionnaire regarding the prosthodontic subject. Feedback
on the Perception of students regarding prosthodontics as a subject was asked from BDS final year regular batch, before their
university final exam.
RESULTS: Most students found prosthodontics an interesting subject (82%). On enquiring about the level of difficulty of
prosthodontics compared to other dental clinical subjects, 56.9% of students responded negatively. The majority were satisfied
with the content (79.1%), delivery, and pace of the lectures (78.2%).85.4% of students reported lecture material was easy to
follow and satisfactory. The highly reported useful method for learning and understanding prosthodontics was PowerPoint slides
69%, followed by group discussion 52.70%.MCQs as the mode of assessment reported positive by 75.70%, whereas 77.4%
of students want to have an integrated teaching method.
CONCLUSION: The majority of the students found the subject interesting but considered it difficult to understand. Further
teaching methodologies must be improved to enhance the student's understanding of the subject. Better comprehension will
also help in flourishing prosthodontics as a specialty.
KEYWORDS: Teaching methodology, Prosthodontics, Effective learning, Assessment, Feedback
HOW TO CITE: Inayat N, Rafique MA, Munir N, Khan MW, Alvi S, Rafiq A, Raza H. Final year BDS student’s perception
and feedback regarding prosthodontics and its teaching methodologies. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(1):8-12.
Received: 22 Septembery 2022, Accepted: 04 February 2023

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