Factors Influencing the Emergence of Antimicrobial Drug Resistance in Clinical Dental Practice

Resham Hafeez1                 BDS, MCPS
Hina Mahmood2                  BDS, MDS
Fahad Raza3                        BDS
Wajeeha Jabeen4                BDS, MCPS
Pakiza Raza Hyder5            BDS, M.Phil


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the perception of general dentists regarding the over-prescription of antibiotics leading to
Antimicrobial drug resistance in their clinical practice.
METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional study encompassing a personalized Likert scale questionnaire on factors influencing
anti-microbial resistance in dental general practices was conducted on 196 practitioners. The questionnaire inquired about
different factors which tend to affect the over-prescription of antibiotics and influence anti-microbial resistance. It was piloted
on 30 participants before dissemination.
RESULTS: Factors showing the highest level of agreement were "lack of patient awareness regarding use of antibiotics"
(96.9%), "over-the-counter availability" (95.4%), and self-medication" (95.4%). General dental practitioners were overprescribing
in their clinical setup due to improper guidelines (24.4%), for their patient's satisfaction (21.2%), and lack of knowledge (19.2%).
33.5% of them stated that patients reporting to them were self-medicating and 27.2% found that their patients had a lack of
CONCLUSIONS: This study concluded that all the factors were responsible for the Antimicrobial Drug Resistance phenomenon
in clinical dental practice. However, the majority of the dentists were over-prescribing antibiotics due to improper guidelines,
lack of knowledge, and for the patient's satisfaction.
KEYWORDS: Antimicrobial Drug Resistance; Awareness; Antibiotics; Dental General Practices; Over-the-Counter Drugs.
HOW TO CITE: Hafeez R, Mahmood H, Raza F, Jabeen W, Hyder PR. Factors influencing the emergence of antimicrobial
drug resistance in clinical dental practice. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(2):60-65.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.25301/JPDA.322.60
Received: 21 December 2022, Accepted: 03 June 2023

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