Evaluation of the Marginal Location and Periodontal Health in Crowns and Bridges – A Patient Preference Based Study

Misha Salim                                   BDS

Rija Tirmizi                                     BDS

Maria Shakoor Abbasi                   BDS, FCPS

Naseer Ahmed                               BDS , FCPS 

Muneeb Ahmed Lone                    BDS, FCPS

Haroon Rashid                               BDS,MDSC

Rizwan Jouhar                              BDS, FCPS

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this paper was to evaluate the marginal location preference and periodontal health in extra
coronal restoration of anterior and posterior teeth.
METHODOLOGY: In this prospective case control study, a total of 652 patients who had crown and bridge for not less than
six months were included. The gingival margin location preference and reasons behind choosing a particular gingival margin
was asked from the patients. Additionally, the teeth with and without restoration were also examined for periodontal health.
Split mouth technique was used as unrestored, healthy contra lateral teeth in the same individual served as controls. Descriptive
statistics and Chi square test were used for analysis to formulate the results.
RESULTS: Ironically, 92% patients were not given a chance by their dentist to give input about margin location preference.
The majority of patients preferred equi gingival margin for their anterior crowns 495 (75.92%) and supra gingival margin 586
(89.87%) for their posterior teeth, with esthetics 547 (83.89%) and hygiene 599 (91.87%) respectively being the most common
reasons for selecting the particular margin location. The clinical examination revealed that supra gingival and equi gingival
margins demonstrated superior gingival health indices as compared to subgingival margins
CONCLUSION: This study concluded that the supra gingival and equi gingival margins demonstrated superior gingival health
indices as compared to subgingival margin and in order to achieve optimal periodontal health and patient satisfaction the health
professionals should wisely consider the margin location and involve the patient in treatment decisions wherever possible.
KEY WORDS: Crown and Bridge, Margin location, Patient preference, Periodontal Health.
HOW TO CITE: Salim M, Tirmizi R, Abbasi MS, Ahmed N, Lone MA, Rashid H, Jouhar R. Evaluation of the marginal
location and periodontal health in crowns and bridges - A patient preference based Study. J Pak Dent Assoc 2021;30(3):194-198.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.25301/JPDA.303.194
Received: 18 July 2020, Accepted: 02 April 2021

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