Efficacy of Calcium Hydroxide and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate in the Formation of Dentin Bridge – A Randomized Controlled Trial

Rafia Ruaaz1                                   BDS, FCPS
Muhammad Bilal Bashir2              BDS, MDS
Madiha Anwar3                              BDS, MDS
Saqib Rashid4                               BDS, FCPS, MSc
Sadaf Ali5                                      BDS, FCPS
Azam Muhammad Aliuddin6       BDS, FCPS

OBJECTIVE: This study is to compare the dentin bridge thickness achieved using calcium hydroxide and MTA using
METHODOLOGY: Single blinded randomized controlled trial conducted in the Operative Dentistry department at Fatima
Jinnah Dental College and Hospital, Karachi. A total of 100 premolar and molar teeth with class I and II cavities were included
in this study. The study participants were assigned into two groups, A and B of 50 participants each. Under local anesthesia,
Group A was indirectly pulp capped with Calcium hydroxide (Dycal) and Group B received Mineral Trioxide Aggregate as
an indirect pulp capping material. Both groups were then restored with Glass Ionomer Cement. Radiographic follow up was
carried out at three and six months to determine mean dentin thickness of reparative dentin bridge.
RESULTS: Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS v 23. Independent Sample t-test was applied to evaluate the formation
of dentin bridge formation using Ca(OH)2 and MTA at 3 months & 6 months, the outcomes were highly significant
(p-value<0.001). Paired sample t-test was applied to evaluate the difference in dentin bridge formation at three months and 6
months, the results were highly significant (p-value <0.001).
CONCLUSION: Statistically significant difference was observed in the dentin thickness of reparative dentin bridge amongst
the two groups after three months and six months. A greater success rate was noted in the MTA group as compared to the
Ca(OH)2 group after 6 months.
KEYWORDS: Dentin bridge, Endodontic treatment, Indirect pulp capping, Reparative dentin, randomized controlled trial.
HOW TO CITE: Ruaaz R, Bashir MB, Anwar M, Rashid S, Ali S, Aliuddin AM. Efficacy of calcium hydroxide and mineral
trioxide aggregate in the formation of dentin bridge - A randomized controlled trial. J Pak Dent Assoc 2022;31(3):114-119.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.25301/JPDA.313.114
Received: 05 March 2022, Accepted: 14 August 2022

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