Difficulties Faced by Dental House Officers During Clinical Endodontics

Azam Muhammad Aliuddin1                                                BDS

Tasleem Hosein2                                                                                     BDS, FDS R.C.S

Abubakar Sheikh3                                                                    BDS, FCPS

Saqib Rashid4                                                                                           BDS, M.Sc, FCPS

Jabeen Zafar Ali5                                                                                   BDS

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study was to determine the difficulties faced by house officers during endodontic
procedures and refine the quality of therapy provided to masses.

METHODOLOGY: A detailed survey form was given out to a total of 350 dental house officers, collected from seven different dental institutes in Karachi. A total of 60-80 survey forms were given out to each college, depending on the strength of house officers present, out of which 50 forms, on average, were returned and results were tabulated. The supervisor to house officer ratio recorded on average from these institutes was 1:7. WHO Calculator was used on the sample size of 350 entries and SPSS Version 22 was used to analyze the results.

RESULT: The current study displays that majority of the house officers faced immense difficulties in the cleaning and shaping task of the endodontic procedure such as in cleaning and shaping and less problems were encountered when access opening and initial instrumentation were concerned. The most common difficulty faced by the house officers was that apical perforation resulted during the procedure (51.4%) followed by loss of estimated WL (51.1%), ledge formation (40.9%), file separation (39.1%), whereas using accessory GP while obturations was recorded as the most frequently encountered problem (56%).

CONCLUSION: The current study displays the most commonly faced difficulties by fresh dental graduates during their house job. The major difficulties were faced during cleaning and shaping owing to increased incidence of ledge formation, apical perforation and loss of working length. Majority of the cases revealed gutta purcha extruding or short of the apex. Difficulty in administering IANB was also highly noted.

KEYWORDS: Education, Difficulty, House Officers, Clinical Endodontics

HOW TO CITE: Aliuddin AM, Hosein T, Sheikh AB, Rashid S, Ali JZ. Difficulties faced by dental house officers during clinical endodontics. J Pak Dent Assoc 2018;27(4):165-71

DOI: https://doi.org/10.25301/JPDA.274.165

Received: 30 May 2018, Accepted: 02 August 2018