Cross Infection Control Protocol Awareness Amongst Fresh Dental Graduates in Lahore



Shamta Sufia                                       BDS, MSc, PhD


OBJECTIVES: This survey aimed to evaluate current knowledge on existence of CIC protocols, procedures and guidelines amongst the fresh graduates working as interns in the dental training institutes of Lahore.

METHODOLOGY: A self-administered questionnaire was used to obtain data regarding awareness on presence of cross infection control protocol. Results: Results observed lapses in the awareness on cross infection control protocols.

CONCLUSION: The current study indicated the low levels of knowledge on infection control protocol.

KEY WORDS: Infection control, dentistry, workplace injuries, dental settings

HOW TO CITE: Sufia S. Cross Infection control protocol awareness amongst fresh dental graduates in Lahore. J Pak Dent Assoc 2019;28(3):122-128.


Received: 19 November 2018, Accepted: 06 May 2019

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