Crestal Bone Remodeling in Polished Collar Implants

Muhammad Iftikhar Ahsen                                       BDS, FCPS
Muhammad Haseeb                                                  BDS, MDS, M.Perio RCSEd, MCPS
Sittara Javed                                                             BDS, FCPS
Zainab Naqvi                                                             BDS                                                                                              Muhammad Yousaf Ali                                             BDS, FCPS
Zubair Ahmed Khan                                                 BDS, MCPS, MSc

OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to evaluate the amount of crestal bone remodeling in polished collar implants.
METHODOLOGY: Thirty patients with a missing maxillary or mandibular 1st or 2nd premolar tooth requiring simultaneous
bone grafting were recruited and implant placed at the level of crest with polished collar placed 1mm apical to the level of bone
and bone augmentation was performed to graft the buccal threads. Buccal bone thickness was measure at crestal level as well
as 1mm apical to polished collar. The implants were uncovered at 6 months and restored and patients followed up for 12 months
from the time of implant placement. Cone beam computed tomography scans were taken at two time points, immediately after
implant placement and at 12-month time point.
RESULTS: At clinical re-entry (6 months), there was significant difference in mean buccal bone thickness found between
crestal level and 1mm apical to polished collar (p<0.05). Radiographically (at 12 months), the mean buccal bone change was-1.82mm 0.57mm at crest and -0.94mm 0.31mm at 1mm apical to crest.
CONCLUSION: Bone regenerative techniques were unable to prevent biologic bone remodeling around the implant platform;
therefore, the outcomes of bone augmentation might be affected by the polished collar of implant.
KEY WORDS: Dental implants, polished collar, bone augmentation, bone remodeling, cone beam computed tomography
HOW TO CITE: Ahsen MI, Haseeb M, Javed S, Naqvi Z, Ali MY, Khan ZA. Crestal bone remodeling in polished collar
implants. J Pak Dent Assoc 2023;32(4):105-108.
Received: 28 November 2023, Accepted: 18 January 2024

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