Correlation Between Serum IGF-1 Levels and CVM Stages for the Assessment of Skeletal Maturity

Muhammad Nauman Sadiq           BDS, MDS

Ahmad Shamim                              BDS, MDS

Muhammad Azeem                         BDS, FCPS

Shabbir Hussain                             BDS, MDS

Arfan Ul Haq                                    BDS, MDS, FCPS, MCPS

Naeem Murtaza                                BDS, MDS

Waheed Ul Hamid                            BDS, MOrth, MS, MCPS

OBJECTIVE: The major disadvantage in cervical vertebral maturation stages (CVMS) is the involvement of radiographic exposure. This study was undertaken to assess the applicability of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) blood level as a maturation indicator by correlating it to the CVMS.
METHODOLOGY: This cross-sectional study was conducted at orthodontic department of our institute. With 80% power of study, 5% desired level of significance and using 0.67 correlation value, a sample size of 75 was calculated. There are five stages of CVMS and in each CVM stage 15 subjects were allocated, therefore collective sample size was 75. The technique of sampling was purposive (non-probability) sampling. Out of 75 patients, 47 (62.7%) were males and 28 (37.3%) were females.
The mean ages of the patients were 12.5 ± 2.6 years. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) test was performed to evaluate the blood serum IGF-1 levels among five stages of CVMS.
RESULTS: There was a statistically considerable difference in mean IGF-1 among five stages of CVM. The mean IGF-1 (ng/ml) of CVMS 1 was 204.9 ± 21.1, mean IGF-1 of CVMS II was 272.5 ± 39.5, mean IGF-1 of CVMS III was 343.1 ± 38.6, mean IGF-1 of CVMS IV was 287.7 ± 22.3 and mean IGF-1 of CVMS V was 171.5 ± 24.5. The highest mean values were observed in stage III followed by stage IV, II, I and V. IGF-1 levels were maximum in females at CVM stage 3 and were maximum in male at CVM 4.
CONCLUSION: IGF-1 levels at the pubertal stage were significantly higher than the pre-pubertal and post-pubertal stages. IGF-1 levels might prove to be a valuable skeletal maturity indicator.
KEY WORDS: Insulin Like Growth Factor-1; IGF-1; Cervical Vertebral Maturational Stages; CVMS.
HOW TO CITE: Sadiq MN, Shamim A, Azeem M, Hussain S, Haq AU, Murtaza N, Hamid WU. Correlation between serum IGF-1 levels and CVM stages for the assessment of skeletal maturity. J Pak Dent Assoc 2020;29(1):9-13.
Received: 02 July 2019, Accepted: 15 October 2019

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