Comparison of Powered Toothbrushes and Manual Toothbrushes in Removing Dental Plaque among Children with hearing Disabilities: A Randomized Pilot Study

Sobia Hassan1                    BDS, FCPS
Anam Zahid2                       BDS, MSc
Beenish Khalil3                   BDS, MSPH
Maryam Hasan4                  BDS
Arooba Nazami5                 BDS


OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to compare the the effectiveness of plaque removal between manual and powered toothbrushes
in hearing impaired children. Maintaining a good quality of life requires optimal levels of oral hygiene. In differently abled
subjects, manual dexterity may be slightly compromised, which is why powered toothbrushes were initially designed to help
overcome the slight deficit.
METHODOLOGY: A parallel arm, randomized study was conducted. Twenty two congenitally hearing-impaired participants
aged eighteen to twenty two of age were recruited from National Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children,
Islamabad. They were randomly divided into two groups of eleven participants. Plaque levels were evaluated on the first day
and plaque removal effectiveness of powered toothbrushes compared with manual toothbrush was checked on the
eighth day. Plaque scores were evaluated using the simplified Oral Hygiene Index and Turesky's Modification of Quigley
Hein Plaque Index.
RESULTS: No significant difference of Mean score in effectiveness of plaque removal between manual and powered
toothbrushes was seen.
CONCLUSIONS: Manual and powered toothbrushes are equally effective at plaque . More studies highlighting cost effectiveness
and patient's perception regarding ease of use are required to confirm results.
KEYWORDS: Differently abled patients, manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes, oral hygiene.
HOW TO CITE: Hassan S, Zahid A, Khalil B, Hasan M, Nazami A. Comparison of powered toothbrushes and manual
toothbrushes in removing dental plaque among children with hearing disabilities: a randomized pilot study. J Pak Dent Assoc
Received: 21 January 2023, Accepted: 01 July 2023

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