Comparison of Post-Operative Pain Frequency After Single visit and Multiple visit Root Canal Treatment in Non-Vital Teeth

Huma Tanvir1                              BDS, FCPS
Muhammad Haris2                     BDS, FCPS
Saroosh Ehsan3                         BDS, FCPS
Zarlashta Usman4                      BDS, FCPS
Muhammad Talha Khan5           BDS, FCPS
Zehra Ali Sultan6                        BDS, FCPS



OBJECTIVES: Root canal treatment (RCT) is performed to get rid of pain resulting from the infection in the tooth. It is a
safe procedure with high success rate. One of the main issues with root canal treatment is post-operative pain. There are many
factors which can cause pain and distress to patients.If the clinician follows the guidelines properly and use the anxiety reduction
protocol, then the procedure is not painful. RCT can be performed in multiple visits or it can be done in single visit. Present
research was conducted to compare the single visit versus multiple visits endodontic treatment in teeth with pulpal necrosis in
terms of
post-operative pain frequency.
METHODOLOGY: This study was a randomized controlled trial conducted at Department of Operative Dentistry, Fatima
Memorial Hospital, Lahore, over a period of six months. Total number of participants was 302 and the teeth were lower and
upper first and second molars with pulp necrosis and they were were equally assigned in two groups of 151with equal number
of men and women. Single visit RCT was done in Group A patients, in which the endodontic procedure was performed in one
day and multiple visit RCT was done in Group B, in which endodontic treatment was done in two or more visits.
RESULTS: In necrosed teeth single visit endodontic treatment 20.5(%) resulted in less frequent post-operative pain than in
multiple visit endodontic treatment (26.5%).
CONCLUSION: Single visit endodontic treatment is a better technique in terms of pain control as compared to multiple visit
in teeth with pulp necrosis.
KEYWORDS: Endodontics, Non-vital teeth, Post-operative pain, single visit root canal treatment, multiple visit root canal
HOW TO CITE: Tanvir H, Haris M, Ehsan S, Usman Z, Khan MT, Sultan ZA. Comparison of post-operative pain frequency
after single visit and multiple visit root canal treatment in non-vital teeth. J Pak Dent Assoc 2022;31(2):91-94.
Received: 11 February 2022, Accepted: 28 April 2022

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