At-Home Management Strategies Adopted by Orthodontic Patients During COVID-19 Related Closure of Orthodontic Clinics

Hana Pervez                          BDS, FCPS

Maria Khadija Siddiqui       BDS, MPH

Anam Sattar                           BDS, FCPS

Hareem Sultan                       BDS, FCPS

Taskeen Khan                        BDS

Rabiya Haqqui                       BDS

OBJECTIVE: The vast spread of COVID-19 not only affected the major businesses of the world but also the health care facilities like dentistry. Due to the unprecedented closure of dental services, on-going orthodontic patients also suffered the brunt. The aim of this study was to assess the at-home management approaches used by the patients to tackle the complications associated with orthodontic treatment.
METHODOLOGY: It was a cross-sectional questionnaire-based study carried out from June 15 to September 15, 2020 in orthodontic OPD of Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Karachi. A total of 300 orthodontic patients, 208 females and 92 males between ages from 15 to 35 years completed a questionnaire on the complications faced by them and management techniques adopted by them during COVID-19 related office closures. Convenient sampling method was used for data collection.
RESULTS: The majority of patients reported in this study were females. Approximately 69.33% (n = 300) of the responders were females and 31% were males. The highest numbers of complications reported during the lockdown period were loose brackets, loose bands and poking of archwire. The most common at-home hack used was removing the loose bracket/ bands and cutting of free end of archwire with nail cutter like instrument.
CONCLUSION: It is the responsibility of the clinician to keep in touch with their patients during pandemic like situation through telemedicine portal. In case of emergencies, patients should be provided with an adequate amount of information to tackle any complications with ease and without hurting themselves.
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, Pandemic, Orthodontic Emergencies
HOW TO CITE: Pervez H, Siddiqui MK, Sattar A, Sultan H, Khan T, Haqqui R. At-home management strategies adopted by orthodontic patients during covid-19 related closure of orthodontic clinics. J Pak Dent Assoc 2021;30(2):99-102.
Received: 17 September 2020, Accepted: 06 January 2021
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