Assessment of Awareness and Approach Regarding Antibiotic Prescription and Resistance among Different Level of Dental Students in a Tertiary Care Dental College, Karachi

Saba Hanif 1                             BDS
Syeda Nadia Firdous2             BDS, MPH
Kauser Ismail3                         BDS, M.Phil
Zoeen Fatima4                         BDS
Angabeen Anjum5                   BDS, M.Phil


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the awareness and approach of dental students regarding antibiotic prescription and its resistance
due to irrational use of antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is spreading alarmingly throughout the world, including developed
countries. The common causes of antibiotic resistance include over prescription, incomplete treatment and inappropriate selfmedication. Among different causes of antimicrobial resistance, irrational use of antibiotic is the most prominent one.
METHODOLOGY: After approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee of Ziauddin University this cross-sectional study
was conducted from 1st April, 2020 to 30th July,2020 at Ziauddin University. Third and final year dental students as well as
house officers were enrolled and the computed sample size was 133 to which 5% non-response rate was added, therefore total
139 dental students were approached. Non-probability convenience sampling technique was used. A self- designed, selfadministered questionnaire was prepared to collect the demographic data and information regarding the prescription pattern
of antibiotics amongst study subjects. All questions in the questionnaire were close ended. The questionnaire comprised
information pertaining to demographic characteristics, standard guideline for antibiotic prescriptions, antibiotic stewardship
and resistance, improper prescription and its consequences. The dental students were briefed about the purpose of the study
and the significance of participation and a written informed consent was obtained from them. The awareness of dental students
regarding antibiotics was the outcome factor. The data was analyzed by using SPSS version 22.
RESULTS: Out of total 139 dental students majority (79.1%)were familiar to standard antibiotic prescription guidelines .(87.8%)
responded amoxicillin is beta lactam, for probability of antibiotic abuse and antibiotics aid in recovery of infections majority
showed awareness (92.1% and 84.9% respectively). Almost equal students inquire recent antibiotic course prior to prescription
(90.6%) as well as take extra caution prescribing antibiotic in immune compromised patients (89.9%).
CONCLUSION: This study concluded that majority of the dental students had good awareness regarding antibiotics and factors
related to it, as participants responded positively to the 70% of awareness - based questions.
KEYWORDS: Awareness. Antibiotics, Resistance, Prescription, Dental Students.
HOW TO CITE: Hanif S, Firdous SN, Ismail K, Fatima Z, Anjum A. Assessment of awareness and approach regarding antibiotic
prescription and resistance among different level of dental students in a tertiary care dental college, Karachi. J Pak Dent Assoc
Received: 22 August 2022, Accepted: 07 July 2023

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