Assesment of Eruption of Permanent Teeth According To Age And Its Relation With Body Mass Index In Local Population


Sadia Hassan1                                                         BDS, M.Phil

Hassan Shahid2                                                     BDS, MDPH


ABSTRACT: Objectives of the present study was to find out the assessment of eruption of permanent teeth according to age  and its relation with body mass index in local population.

Three hundred School children were included in this study. The study was conducted from 1st March to 31st May 2016. The schools selected for research were Pak Turk International School (Isra University), Isra School (Hadi Nagar) and Government primary School, Village Haji Ismail Khan Chand (Hala Naka). Data was collected by measuring the height, weight and oral examination of each child. The height and weight were later used to calculate the child’s B.M.I. A sample of 300 children was studied; 100 each of different socioeconomic school. The Mean age and standard deviation was 9.86 ± 2.057 years respectively. Frequency of male to female subjects remained 150 (50%) and 150 (50%) respectively. Age category was from 5 to 15 years of age. It was seen that children were mostly in the normal weight category other than children of age 8 & 10 where underweight children were seen in excess.

It was found that almost all teeth had slight delayed eruption according to the normal eruption time but since the sample size was not big enough therefore we cannot conclude that every child in our region will have delayed eruption. In our sample the highest variation was seen in mandibular left second molar where delayed eruption was present.

KEY WORDS: B.M.I., eruption, permanent teeth, socioeconomic status, age

HOW TO CITE: Hassan S, Shahid H. Assesment of eruption of permanent teeth according to age and its relation with body mass index in local population. J Pak Dent Assoc 2018;27(3):127-32.


Received: 15 September 2017, Accepted: 23 March 2018