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Age and Gender Based Differences in Self-Assessed Reflectionin-Learning Scale - JPDA

Age and Gender Based Differences in Self-Assessed Reflectionin-Learning Scale

Nabiha Farasat Khan1                                          BDS, M.Phil, MPHE

Muammad Saeed2                                                                BDS

Rahila Yasmin3                                                    PhD Scholar

Arshad Kamal Butt4                                            MBBS, FCPS (Gastro, Medicine) MPHE

Ayyaz Ali Khan5                                                   BDS, MSc, PhD                                         


ABSTRAT: Reflection heighten students’ self-directed and life-long leaning. Gender difference probably represents significant sources of variation in learning behavior which should be detected and identified by medical educationists. This study was accomplished to “compare difference in Reflection-in-Learning Score between the gender and age of dental students in Bolan Medical College, Quetta.”

METHODOLOGY: An observational quantitative Census was carried out in all professional year dental students (n=85) of Bolan Medical College, Quetta. Data was collected during the period of 6 months (December, 2015 to May, 2016). A proforma was distributed to the participants under the supervision of principal investigator in lecture hall, time allotted to complete questionnaire was half hour; RLS was then collected, data was coded and entered in Special Package for Social Sciences version 20 for analysis. Frequency, percentage, means, median and standard deviation were computed for each RLS statement. Shapiro Wilk test was utilized to check normality of data whereas ANOVA scrutinized difference between RLS score and gender. P-value < 0.05 was considered significant.

RESULTS: Out of 85 study participants 21 (24.8%) were from 1st year, 16 (18.8%) from 2nd year, 20 (23.5%) from 3rd year and 28 (32.9%) from 4th year. Females participants were dominant (72.9%) and acquire statistically significant RLS score. (P=<0.001) Majority of the samples belong to 20-22 years age group, 14 (16.5%) were more than 23 years whereas 6 (7.1%) were below 20 years presenting no statistically significant age difference. (P=0.413).

CONCLUSION: Females participants were more reflective, whereas age doesn’t matter in RLS score.

KEY WORDS: Undergraduate Dental Students, differences, Gender, Age, Reflection-in-Learning Scale.

HOW TO CITE: Khan NF, Saeed M, Yasmin R, Butt AK, Khan AA. Age and gender based differences in self-assessed reflection-in-learning scale. J Pak Dent Assoc 2018;27(3):133-39.


Received: 03 February 2017, Accepted: 06 March 2018