The Survey of the Knowledge of Dry Socket and Management Among Dental Practitioners; Still Controversy?

Naveed Khawaja           BDS, MCPS, DOMS, MSc-OPath (UK), FADI

Kauser Parveen            BDS, MCPS

Abdullah Almotreb       BDS

Rashed Tashkandi        BDS

OBJECTIVE: Dry Socket (DS) is one of the complications following tooth extraction, reported usually 2-4 days postoperatively with moderate to severe pain. The concept of Dry Socket is not clear and there is disagreement among dental practitioners about diagnosis and management. The objective of this survey was to evaluate the knowledge of dry socket and its treatment among General Practitioners.
METHODOLOGY: One hundred and twenty-nine structured questionnaires were distributed among Dental Practitioners (DP) of Riyadh city with 78% response rate. This study was composed of two part; first about knowledge and second regarding treatment options. Data was collected, tabulated and analyzed using updated SPSS version 22.
RESULTS: According to the results, 75.2% (n=76) practitioners agreed that dry socket is dislodgment of clot in socket, and 20.8% (n=21) agreed that dry socket could be due to contamination of socket. Moreover, 32.7% (n=33) dental practitioners claimed that dry socket patients experienced discomfort symptom but most of the dentists 75.2%n (n=76) reported acute and stabbing pain in dry socket.
CONCLUSION: The overall knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of general practitioners was adequate.
KEY WORDS: Dry Socket; Knowledge; Dental Practitioner; Treatment
HOW TO CITE: Khawaja N, Parveen K, Almotreb A, Tashkandi R. The survey of the knowledge of dry socket and management among dental practitioners; still controversy?. J Pak Dent Assoc 2019;28(4):192-196.
Received: 21 December 2018, Accepted: 04 September 2019

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