Prosthetic Rehabilitation of An Acquired Maxillary Defect with Definitive Obturator Prosthesis- A Clinical Technique

Muhammad Waseem Ullah Khan                              BDS, FCPS

Sabiha Naeem                                                                 BDS

Qudsia Iqbal                                                                    BDS

Resection of maxilla creates oro-nasal communication which gravely compromises different functions like speech, swallowing, mastication and esthetics. Reconstruction of the maxillary defect generally require a multidisciplinary approach, but prosthodontic rehabilitation is the most practical, convenient and cost-effective mode of treatment along with the added advantage of oncological surveillance. This clinical technique describes a method of prosthodontic management of an Aramany’s class II type of maxillary defect with a definitive obturator prosthesis having a cast partial framework for a patient who underwent maxillary resection one year back as treatment for Pleomorphic adenoma.
KEYWORDS: Maxillectomy, Obturator, Prosthesis
HOW TO CITE: Khan MWU, Naeem S, Iqbal Q. Prosthetic rehabilitation of an acquired maxillary defect with definitive obturator prosthesis- A clinical technique. J Pak Dent Assoc 2020;29(2):100-102.
Received: 09 August 2019, Accepted: 15 February 2020

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