Management of Ectodermal Dysplasia with Tooth Supported Complete Overdentures: A Case Report

Muhammad Waseem Ullah Khan1           BDS, FCPS

Momina Akram2                                              BDS, FCPS

Sabiha Naeem3                                                 BDS

Ruksana Akram 4                                            BDS

Ectodermal dysplasia is a hereditary disease characterized by abnormal development of structures derived from embryonic ectoderm. Prosthetic rehabilitation of patients with ectodermal dysplasia is challenging. In this case report, a 19-year-old male was diagnosed with ectodermal dysplasia. His oral functions, esthetics and phonetics were successfully restored with upper and lower complete overdentures which greatly improve the psychological status of the patient.
KEY WORDS: Ectodermal dysplasia, overdentures, prosthodontic rehabilitation.
HOW TO CITE: Khan MWU, Akram M, Naeem S, Akram R. Management of ectodermal dysplasia with tooth supported complete overdentures: A case report. J Pak Dent Assoc 2019;28(4):201-203.
Received: 29 March 2019, Accepted: 24 June 2019

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