Knowledge and Behavior of Dentists, and Practice Modifications in Response to the Outbreak of Novel COVID-19 in Dentists of Pakistan

Nosheen Sarwar              BDS
Saba Ansar                      BDS
Momminah Qamar          BDS


OBJECTIVES: The current study is conducted to assess the knowledge and behavior of dentists in Pakistan and various practice
modifications adopted in response to current outbreak of COVID-19.
METHODOLOGY: Well-constructed online questionnaires were distributed among 300 subjects including dental students
(3rd year and 4th year), house surgeons, and dental surgeons of two public hospitals of Punjab, Pakistan.
RESULTS: 90% of dentists are afraid of getting the infection and reluctant to continue their dental practice. Most of the dentists
95% are aware of the mode of transmission of disease and follow WHO guidelines but still a large number of dentists are in
fear and anxious to perform only emergency dental procedures.
CONCLUSION: Most dentists resume their dental practice by following WHO new guidelines related to practice in
COVID -19 outbreak but still a significant number of dentists close their dental practice for an indefinite period due to anxiety
and fear of being ill or got infected by COVID-19.
KEYWORD: anxiety and fear, practice modifications, outbreak, COVID-19, knowledge and behavior
HOW TO CITE: Sarwar N, Ansar S, Qamar M. Knowledge and behavior of dentists, and practice modifications in response
to the outbreak of novel COVID-19 in dentists of Pakistan. J Pak Dent Assoc 2021;30(4):261-266.
Received: 27 November 2020, Accepted: 07 August 2021

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