Efficacy of Coconut Milk on Healing of Oral Ulcers in Experimental Model; A Comparative Study

Basil Khalid                             BDS, M.Phil

Aeeza Malik                              BDS, MDS

Sharina Naz                              BDS, FCPS

Marium Aftab                           MBBS

Sidra Akram                              MBBS

Malik Saleem Shaukat           BDS, MSc

OBJECTIVE: This study was carried out to observe the morphological changes in healing of oral mucosal ulcers in experimental animals by applying coconut milk.
This experimental study was spanned over one month. It was carried out at animal experimental lab of University of Health Sciences Lahore, Pakistan. A total of 30 rabbits were divided into 2 groups (Group A & B, control & experimental respectively). Oral ulcers were induced in all the rabbits by using 4mm diameter punch biopsy apparatus through standard protocol. Normal healing in Control group was compared with the healing effects of medicament (coconut milk) which was applied topically thrice daily for fourteen days in Experimental group. Biopsies from both the groups were taken on 1, 4th, 7th and 14th day to see gross morphological as well as histological changes.
Effects of coconut milk on healing of oral ulcers in experimental group, showed a sharp contrast with that of control group (p=0.001) especially on day 7th where maximum healing was induced by coconut milk.
Coconut milk enhanced the healing of oral ulcers. Coconut milk has proved far superior healing effects on oral mucosa and therefore recommended as a natural healing medicament to be used as an alternate ulcer healing agent which is easily available, safe and inexpensive.
Coconut milk, healing medicament, histopathology, oral ulcer
Khalid B, Malik A, Naz S, Aftab M, Akram S, Shaukat MS. Efficacy of coconut milk on healing of oral ulcers in experimental model; A comparative study. J Pak Dent Assoc 2020;29(4):211-216.
13 March 2020, Accepted: 16 August 2020
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