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Current Issue Volume 29 Issue 03 2020

Lack of Association of Palataly Impacted Canines with
Maxillary Arch Width and Lateral Incisor Anomalies

Omair Majeed                                                BDS

Tabassum Ahsan Quadeer                        BDS, FCPS

Maria Habib                                                    BDS

Muhammad Faisal Fahim                          MSc

The most frequently impacted tooth in the dental arch after the third molars is the maxillary canine. The incidence of its impaction is between 1 and 2.5 %. Impactions of canine can be either buccal or lingual.1 Around 85% of impactions are palatal while the remaining 15% are buccal. Canine impaction occurs twice as more in the maxilla than in the mandible. In subjects with impacted maxillary canines, 8% of impactions occur bilaterally.2
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Vol. 29, Issue No. 03 – July – September 2020

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