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Current Issue Volume 28 Issue 03 2019

Retrieval of Separated Instrument by Trephining Technique in Radix Entomolaris – A Case Report

Sumaiya Dossa1                                                                                         BDS

Javeria Ali Khan2                                                                                     BDS, FCPS

Arshad Hasan3                                                                                          BDS, FCPS

The endodontic treatment of a tooth with radix entomolaris can present significant challenges due to the presence of root curvature. The present report describes the endodontic treatment of a permanent mandibular first molar with type II radix entomolaris and separation of endodontic file in  the  root canal followed by  its  retrieval using the  trephining technique.

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Vol. 28, Issue No. 03 – July-September 2019

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