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Current Issue Volume 28 Issue 04 2019

Secondary Amyloidosis Presenting as Oral Nodules – A Case Report

Amber Kiyani1                                                                              BDS, MS, FAAOMP, Dip-ABOMP

Anam Zahid Kiani2                                                                     BDS, MSc

Uzair Luqman3                                                                             BDS, FCPS, FFD RCS, FAOCMP

Secondary amyloidosis is a consequence of chronic inflammatory diseases that results in deposition of amyloid in organs disrupting its function. Oral involvement with this process is exceedingly rare. A 63-year-old Pakistani female with a history of rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis was seen in the Oral Medicine Clinics for painful oral nodules that were diagnosed as AA-type, or secondary amyloidosis, following an incisional biopsy.

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Vol. 28, Issue No. 04 – October-Noember 2019

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