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Current Issue Volume 28 Issue 01 2019

Technical Errors in Intra Oral Radiographs Obtained in Endodontic Department of A Teaching Dental Hospital

Arshad Hasan                                                                                            BDS, FCPS

Farah Naz                                                                                                    BDS, FCPS

Syed Abrar Ali                                                                                            BDS, FCPS

Javeria Ali Khan                                                                                        BDS, FCPS

Batool Ali                                                                                                      BDS, FCPS

Endodontic procedures rely heavily on correct radiographs. All stages of endodontic care delivery are affected by the quality of resultant image. Objective of this study was to observe type and frequency of technical errors reported during obtaining intraoral radiographs in the endodontic Department of a teaching hospital.

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Vol. 28, Issue No. 02 – April – June 2019

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