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Current Issue Volume 30 Issue 01 2021

A Permanent solution to Restore Occlusal Vertical Dimension and Partial Edentulism – Overlay Removable Partial Denture- A Case Report

Surhan Aziz                                                     BDS
Muhammad Rizwan Nazeer                          BDS, FCPS
Kamil Zafar                                                     BDS
Robia Ghafoor                                               BDS, FCPS

Tooth wear is a common problem seen in population and poses restorative challenge to a dentist as well. Extensive dental procedures are usually required for the treatment of tooth wear associated with loss of occlusal vertical dimension. An overlay removable partial denture provides conservative treatment option for patients with moderate to severe worn down dentition and partial edentulism.
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Vol. 30, Issue No. 01 – January – March 2021

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